How I used javaScript to remove all my Linkedin connections automatically.

I was really concerned about my Linkedin profile because lately I had added a lot of random people who were spamming everything. So, I decided to remove them, but as I approached this was a pain in neck because linkedin does not provide any such option to remove people in bulk. I tried manually but it turned out 3 step process for each connection.

First, click the options near the connection.

Secondly, click remove connection.

Third, accept the prompt which says "are you sure ....!".

So, if I multiply 3 with the number of connections I had to remove, it was case impossible.

But wait.....!

These are just three steps that need to be done....right?

Why not try a script?

I did. It worked.

How ?

Simple. Just go to

Open javaScript console in your browser. I am on chrome (Linux) , so fn+f12.

Paste this code:

setInterval(() => {




}, 500);

This clicks the ellipsis button, clicks the Remove Connection button, and clicks the Remove button to confirm the removal. It clears about 10 connections a second.

Amazing, just grab yourself a cup of coffee and sit back , relax.

Note: Sometimes LinkedIn will be slow to update, so next time you go, it might still say you have X connections. Just run this a few times until the number drops to 0 or whatever number you want.

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