Chapter 1: Give me that pen


I can't open my eyes, its too bright.
I can't see.
Is that the sky.
Why am I looking at the sky.
Where am I?
I have seen this before... wait is this... No way!!
It can't be....
Is that me, there?
How can I be in early 2000's? Is my past playing in front of me?
I am confused!!

The sky is the most blue I have ever seen.
Is that me and mother. I see mariya too!

Can't they see me? I just walked past them.
What is happening?
I guess they can't see me.
It's weird.

"Mother" it's me.

She can't hear me. Why?

Where are they going?
Ohh it's my school time, I remember.
She will drop me to school now.

It's morning time and my mother used to prepare me for the school and I always used to be in a no-go mood, but hey, my mother won't let me skip the day so I have to go. I was always out of options here.

I remember these streets, my God. I missed them so much. It's amazing how everything was just so perfect.
And here goes my school. This school is kind of funny as I see it now.

I remember the location of the school has changed and we are shifted to the new location. The new building is really nice, the old one was kinda boring and creepy.
Ohh I remember the cantene is still being constructed so I remember for time being it is being put near the stairs on the ground floor.

There is my classroom! My God. Is this real or am I dead?

There I see myself... what am I thinking?

Why am I sitting so quietly?

Is that about that day. I remember.

It was a dragonfly that Arslaan had caught and he tied a string to it.
He was holding the string and the dragonfly was trying to escape but couldn't.
Arslaan called it his 'kite'.
I was jealous of him I must say. I wanted one too.

The boy next to me there is Rasik. He is the only guy I knew! I called him my bestfriend. Did I even had a slight idea of what a 'bestfriend' meant?

I am sure I didn't.

Let me just enjoy the moment again!

It seems the time is running way too fast.

Is the school time over?
I guess yes, it is almost over and I see myself going home with my sister.
She is the first friend I ever had.
She was always my safe heaven and she was just awesome for some reason.
She was the popular kid of the school and my sister too.
How lucky could I have been!

I just reached home and my mother is giving me a warm hug and helps me change my clothes. Dammn I missed it.
She looks so young rigth now!

How much has changed over time! I wish I could live it forever.

I remember we used to have a TV in our kitchen and I used to watch cartoons while I eat something.
Ohh here it is... I found it!

For sure I would change the channel to cartoons. Ah ha there I go.
My love for cartoons was such that I felt like cartoons are the reason of my existence. The cartoons at that time were just amazing.

I would finish eating my snacks and my mother would help me in my homework.
And once I finished my homework I used to play with my sister in our garden.

Why is this day familiar? Is it that day ? Hahahahaa
It can't be.

I remember that as we were playing in our garden, my sister was like "let's go out" and she opened the door.
I was like "mother told not to go outside on roads".
And she was like, "look there is no one here" and of course she started dancing on the road.
I was like smiling and looking at her confidence I stepped out on roads too.
Now we both were dancing.

As if dancing was not enough my sister started running and going far away.
Looking her do that and having fun, made me do the same and I remember I did it too.

Ohh there I am
How lovely days they were. I mean look at me.
I don't remember when was the last time I was so happy like this.

It has been around 10 to 15 minutes and there is literally no one here.
Soon, I would see two young beautiful college girls coming my way.

I always thought they would walk past me and mind their own business.
But no that's not what happened.

Ohh there they are!! hahaa

One of the girls will look at me and she is like "OMG he is so cute!" and she will rush towards me.
I am afraid so I am looking at my sister, but she maintained the distance and didn't come near me.
The girl got hold of me and she started kissing and hugging me.

Would you believe that!!

The other girl is smiling initially and then she will be like "hey, hold my bag" and that other girl will hold her bag.
She will kiss me too!! Yes she will. She just did.
What the heckkk.... HAhahhaaha

And now she will look at me, and then she will be like "give me the pen from my bag".
The girl takes the pen and writes something on my wrist, and then both gave me their last kisses and left.

As soon as they let me go, I rushed to my sister and my cheeks are all red.
My sister goes like "Show me your wrist" and I did.
She read it and she is like "I will go and tell mother".
I was all confused and started running with her.
So confused that I haven't read what's written on my wrist.

As I enter into the kitchen, I find that my sister is telling my mother everything that just happened.
My mother is like "show me your wrist" and as she read it, she starts smiling.
Her face told me that it must be something nice but my sister is giving me that odd looks.

And then she goes "They wrote I love you on your wrist".
Now what will you do??? huh

My face was all red and I had a weird feeling, I just wanted to hide at that moment.
My sister was enjoying too much of me that I went and hid myself in a blanket.

Ohh it's evening... like really!

Ohh I see my father.
Dammn he looks so young.

And now the family is together. I see them talking.
What are they laughing so hard about?
I guess my mother told her about me. How shy I am.


"God dammnn it"... Are you okay Sir?
The fuse just blew off.... so I turned off the machine as you instructed.
"Ahhh huh"... Why is my head so paining
Ah haa ahh

Oh yes! I made the time machine. I made a time machine. I made a time machine that works!!!

I think going back in time for some reason makes me forget everything about present me!

"Sir, how will you change the fuse"
Don't worry I will fix it .... Grab me a coffee
Salman, did I recieve any phone calls?

**Next Part Coming Soon

Suhaib Bin Younis | @suhaibbinyounis

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