Five verses from 'The Believers', to change your life - Quran 23:1-5

We all have desires for the worldly possessions and fame. We all dream of being successful in this life, to a point where we don't find ourselves accountable to anyone and a life so luxurious life where we are not restricted by any boundaries. And in this pursuit, we go through a lot to achieve it, yet not all of us make it big. But hey, have you ever thought what does successful mean to Allah?

If you open chapter 23 of the QuranAl-Mu’minun (Arabicالمؤمنون‎, ’al-mu’minūnmeaning: "The Believers")
you will find it amazing? Ask why? 

Well, because Allah SWT cleary mentions who is a successful person. Let me break it down for you.

The verse one:
23:1 - " Successful indeed are the believers "

Let's read the context:
"Those who believed in Allah and acted according to His laws have indeed succeeded by achieving whatever they sought, and gaining salvation from whatever they feared."

There is no doubt in the fact that success lies in following Allah SWT. Anything that takes you away from Him is not worth it. It becomes necessary for us to act and follow the Quran and sunnah of the Prophet PBUH.

Now, the second verse:
23:2 - " those who humble themselves in prayer "

Let's read the context:
"their limbs remained calm during it and their hearts were free of distractions."

I am sure you can relate to the fact that when we pray we think about anything and everything except Allah SWT. You should always try to focus on your prayer and try to come close to Allah as much as  possible.

Now, the third verse:
23:3 - " those who avoid idle talk "

Let's read the context:
"Those who turned away from falsehood and futility, especially those futile actions and speech which was sinful."

Dear brother/sister, your tounge can 'make you' or 'destroy you'.
Don't ever lie.
Don't ever spread hate or negativity from your speech.
Don't be the one who backbites.

Now, the fourth verse:
23:4 - " those who pay alms-tax "

Let's read the context:
"Those who purified themselves of evil characteristics, and their wealth by taking out Zakat from it."

It is one of the pillars of Islam, which makes it mandatory on us to give zakat to poor or those who are in need. Now look if you don't pay your zakat and you give excuses to yourself then you should also keep in mind that the one who gives, can take it back also. So, let's make it a habit and ask Allah SWT to give us barakah in whatever good He bestowes on us.

Now, the fifth verse:
23:5 - " those who guard their chastity "

Let's read the context:
"Those who safeguarded their private parts by keeping them far from fornication, homosexuality and shameful actions; so they remained pure and chaste."

This is the most important verse among these 5 verses considering the modern times. Why?
You and I agree on this fact that we are engulfed by the social media in each and every way. Infact all our daily tasks that we do have some sort of interaction with these social media websites or be it apps. And what do you find on these platforms? You got it. 
Sexually targeted photos and videos which can harm your Imaan. 
A large portion of today's ummah is addicted to pornography and other wild content on internet which not only has affected their social life but also their mind and body. Please be aware of the fact that Allah SWT is watching you, no matter where you go. Each and every action of yours is recorded, be it size of an atom.

If you can follow atleast these 5 commandments then indeed you are a successfull believer. I pray to Allah SWT that He guides you and gives you the wealth and success both in this world and the hereafter.
Here is a dua if you find it hard to study

Now, before you close this page and move on with your work here is something for you. Read it and ponder over it.

Once Ali Ibn Abi Talib entered a graveyard and said, 
" O people of the graves, your homes have new residents and your wealth has been distributed among your hiers, and your wives have remarried. 
So tell us 'O people of the graves'
Give us your news 'O people of the graves' "

The graves can't speak, so Ali Ibn Abi Talib turned to his companions and said,  
by Allah if these graves could speak, they would say
" And take provisions, but indeed the best provision is fear of Allah"
"And fear me, O you of understanding"

All translations of quran are from here

Suhaib Bin Younis | @suhaibbinyounis

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