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March 2020, I received $300 as a promotional credit from Google to try out their cloud service for 1 year. I was fascinated to have it, even though I had no idea about it. Over the months I tried running many marketplace solutions and I was having fun with that. It was then I realised that I should actually use this for my blogs and hence I bought Bitnami's WordPress. It costed me around 1500 to 1600 indian currency a month. It was amazing and things worked so smooth. I added each and every part to my blog. 

The only problem I faced was that Google had blocked certain ports on their cloud service so, as a result I was not able to connect my mail service. It was a pain in neck to make my mail system work somehow.

I couldn't thank GitHub enough for their  Education Pack which gave me a free domain and a lot of other services for free. Taking advantage of this covid19 lockdown I made the website very attractive and good looking in each and every aspect. After 8 or 9 months, my Adsence got approved too. I feel complete now. yay!

It feels very bad though because my time with Google Cloud is getting over. I was so much into SSH and other little things which made me feel like a developer.. xD. Love that.

Today, I have moved my blogs back to blogger and I have stopped the WordPress instance. I did customize it, and it looks good now.

Now I plan to write about Science, Fantasy, Health and other thoughts that usually come to my mind in general. Wish me luck for the future.

And yeah, there is a lot that happened lately which taught me a lot of lessons which I would share very soon.

Peace your way.

Suhaib Bin Younis | @suhaibbinyounis

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