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This website is actually my blog area. I have always wanted to write amazing stuff but always found my self struggling over the platforms. I was initially on Blogspot in year 2012 or 2013 but then I left it after writing just 3 blogs. I had a good reach but I just gave up. Then I tried a static website too like:

I made it with just HTML and CSS. It has a amazing domain (.codes) and I love that. But it was a heck of a pain initially because I was new to writing web code myself. This was around in 2017. It is still active though. So after giving up on that too, I moved back to Blogspot with a custom domain. The link to that blog is here:

I did'nt stick with this either.

This time things are different because this website is just perfect. It is way more robust and better. The blogs are worth your and my time.

Check this website and next time you meet me, let me know how it is.

UPDATE: I am back on blogger.

About the Author

Suhaib Bin Younis

I am currently a Junior at the SRM Institute of Science and Technology pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. My future aspirations include Masters in Quantum Physics with the potential of also pursuing a Ph.D.
I take pride in doing a bit from everything and exploring new interests and activities. At the end of the day, I aspire to be the happiest, the most successful and the best version of myself.

Peace Out 

Everything that happens is a direct mathematical consequence of something

Suhaib bin younis

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